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How To Sell Land Fast

We Offer Cash For Your Land Following 3 Simple Steps!


Tell us about your land by filling in the form below or calling us at 737-377-6727. We want to learn more about your land, so we can prepare an accurate offer.

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We will give you a call to present our all cash offer over the phone. There are absolutely no obligations.


If you accept our cash offer, we will set a closing date that YOU choose. Cash in your pocket and your land SOLD. It really is that simple!

The Selling Land Now Advantage

Working directly with a cash buyer for your land means you don’t have to deal with the headaches of finding a title company or hiring an attorney, recording the deed, paying for a notary, finding a buyer, and handling buyers backing out at the last minute. We are here to make your land sale simple, fast, and easy. 🙂

Working with Selling Land Now: The Details…


What Info Will You Need From Me?

Before we can make an offer on your land, we need to know some basic information such as…

  • County and state your land is located in
  • Timeline to sell your land
  • Structures or utilities on the property
  • Pictures of your land and/or surveys

This information will help us create an accurate cash offer for your land.


How Quickly Can You Close On My Land?

We typically close on land in 30 days. We work with an attorney or title company (depending on the state your land is located in) to close. Once the deed is recorded at closing, you will have cash in your bank account and your land sold!


How Do I Know You’re Not Going To Lowball Me?

If we made lowball offers, we would not be in business…

It is in our best interest to make you the highest possible cash offer because that is how we stay above our competition and create happy customers!

Our entire business is based on buying land across America.

If we can’t make fair offers, then we can’t buy land.

What Makes Our Offers Better?

The main reason sellers choose to work with us is our transparency. We put our faces on our site, so you know who you’re submitting the form to. Our 5 star reviews stand out not because other companies have bad reviews but because they have no reviews at all. We always recommend getting more than one offer, but if someone makes you an offer that sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

Why Sell To You Instead Of Listing It Myself?

Our business is built on making land sales easy, right? Yes. But easy for who? Not us. As land buyers, we make selling land easy for you, the seller!

There is actually a lot of work that goes into selling land. Many land sellers don’t find this out until they’re in too deep trying to sell land on their own.

We buy land any situation

If you sell your land yourself, here is what you can expect the process to look like…

  • 1. If your land holds substantial value (at least $100k), you will need to find a title company. If your land is not worth much, you will need to hire an attorney or learn how to close on the land yourself (title charges alone can cost around $5k).
  • 2. Record the deed in the county records office where your land property is located.
  • 3. Pay for a notary to verify your signature for all required closing documents.
  • 4. Find a buyer for your land. This can take 6-9 months with a real estate agent, so when selling yourself, you can expect the timeline to increase even more without an agent’s network and access to listing sites such as the MLS.
  • 5. Add a For Sale sign to the land property or hire a real estate agent if you’re out of state for 10% commission. If your land doesn’t hold enough value, it will be hard to find an agent who thinks the sale is worth their time.
  • 6. Negotiate with buyers and handle the headaches of buyers backing out at the last minute.

As you can see, navigating a land property sale is very different from selling a house. We take on a lot of this dirty work, so you can just receive a wire to your bank account at closing.

However, for us to take on all of this work, we can’t offer full market value for your land. If top dollar is your number one priority for your land sale, you may be better off taking on this work yourself. But, if you’re willing to accept lower than full market value in exchange for this work and the ability to sell your land fast, we may be a great fit.

Get Started: Get Your Cash Offer Below…

We are direct land buyers. There are no commissions, no fees, and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by sharing where your land is located and where we can send your cash offer…

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If you prefer to discuss your vacant land sale on the phone, give us a call or send us a text! 737-377-6727

Your Cash Land Buyers

At Selling Land Now, we value honesty, integrity and transparency. We eliminate all of the drawbacks that come with selling your land on your own. We do not rely on lender financing– we have our own cash. We close on your timeline. Unlike agents, we do not charge commission or fees. If you need to sell vacant land, we truly believe we could be a great option! We are ready to buy your vacant land right now, and it all starts by filling in our form.